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Tom Asquith is an award winning jeweller and silversmith who established his business in 2013 from his studio in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.  Tom trained at the university of Wolverhampton where he undertook a degree in applied arts and after deciding to focus on small scale metal work went on to partake in a year long residency on the bishopland postgraduate programme where he was tutored by master craftspeople in the trade.  Tom’s signature collection is inspired by geometry and uses the traditional metal working techniques of saw piercing and hand engraving to produce highly decorative pieces of jewellery and functional silverware that combine strong, structured shapes and patterns alongside contrasting organic, fluid lines.  The pieces are constructed from Hand cut sheets of precious metal which are layered and formed to construct three dimensional pieces adding elements of colour with the use of gemstones and a variety of plated and patina finishes.


Studio visit available by appointment.

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